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New Pallets

A Palletmanufacturers pallets to the customer's specifications i.e. size, weight, strength, etc, in order to ensure that the pallet we provide is suitable for the job in hand.

Used Products

We maintain a large inventory of wood pallets in addtion to a variety of plastic sizes.


Wood Pallets

-New Pallets

-All wood types

-Southern Yellow Pine


-Reconditioned Pallets

-GMA (48x40) & other sizes

oie_transparent (1).png

Specialty Wood Products

-Wooden Top Frames

-Dunnage Sticks


Additional Products

-Plastic Pallets

-Standard and Non-Standard Pallets

-Pallet Racking

-Stretch Wrap

We Recycle Pallets

Do you receive pallets that accumulate and you cannot reuse?

We are always looking for pallets to recycle. There are several programs available for managing the disposal of your unwanted pallets.

If you are a current customer of ours, we can remove them as we deliver to you.

We also will pickup and haul away for a fee, call Rocco at 561-315-9147 for more information regarding this service.

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