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A Palletexcels in timely delivery. We serve grocery warehouses, produce packers, citrus growers, fertilizer and mulching facilities, and many other industries. Our sales associates will give you the best customer service in the industry.

Repair and Return Programs

A Pallet will sort your scrap pallets, repair the usable pallets and return the repaired pallets into your distribution

Additional Products and Services

New pallets

Recycled Pallets

Custom Pallets

Sod Pallets

Mulch & Fertilizer Pallets

Dry Van or Flat Bed Delivery

Purchase and Removal

Onsite Repair

Heat-treated pallets

Export Pallets

We sell export compliant pallets, dunnage, and lumber to meet with the "new" export regulations. We can provide you with complete ISPM-15 Export Regulation compliance on both recycled and new pallets. If you have any questions on export regulations, call us now. Our export experts can answer any questions or concerns!

Miscellaneous Pallets

LeEuro, Plastic, Block, and many other various sizes of pallets available for sale.

Pallet Retrieval Service

Let A Pallet come to your door and pick up your pallets today!

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